Methodist School History

Methodist missionaries, Louis and Marian Fiske, founded the Methodist School on March 28, 1921. The school first opened its doors in the Redeemer Methodist Church located on Central Avenue in downtown San Jose. Rev. and Mrs. Fiske wanted to establish a comprehensive bilingual school to help shape Costa Rica’s future leaders. From its beginning, education at the Methodist School was unique, integrating kindergarten instruction and a broad range of subjects, including sewing, cooking, music, and Bible instruction.

Enrollment at the school grew to 92 students in 1922 and to 100 students by 1923. The increased size necessitated a move for the school which found a new home on the upper floor of the Lic. Manuel Francisco Jimenez building located across from the old National Library. The same year, the school’s director joined an advisory board dedicated to the development of Costa Rican society.

The faculty at the time, included Mr. Justo A. Facio, Jr. Joaquin Garcia Monge, Mrs. Esther Mezerville, Mr. Omar Dengo and Mr. Jose Guerrero. In 1927, the school changed its name from Escuela Metodista to Colegio Metodista and moved to 1st Ave East and 19th Street North.

Determined to continue delivering a comprehensive education in a high-quality facility, the school broke ground for a new school building in San Pedro in 1950. Rev. D. Powell Royester received approval for the new facility from the Ministry of Education and in 1952, Evamarie Sandwag Grosser, Zahyra Mendez Barrantes y Beatriz Arza Ache, were the first graduates of the Colegio Metodista. Notable faculty at this time included Mrs. Rose Mary Karpinski, Mr. Jezer Gonzalez, Mr. Mario Fernandez Lobo, Mr. Carlos Enrique Vargas, Benjamin Gutierrez and Mrs. Ondina Peraza. Once completed, the elementary school moved to the new building in 1953 and the high school followed in 1954.

The Colegio Metodista continued to grow and expand in the subsequent years and found great favor with the community and the ministry of education. With a desire to continually improve its students’ education and experiences, the school purchased 10 acres of land and began constructing a new facility for the High School in Sabanilla de Montes de Oca. In 2003, the Preschool and Elementary School also moved into these spacious and comfortable facilities. The new school campus offers first-class infrastructure and modern instructional technologies which allow the school to continue adapting to the rapidly changing needs of students and society.

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