Admission requirements:

High School

Our high school provides a rigorous and comprehensive education which prepares our students for college and life after college. We offer advanced classes in math and science, a wide-ranging curriculum in all core classes, and electives that meet the diverse interests of our student body. We strive to ensure our students achieve academic excellence and a strong spiritual foundation during their high school years.

Admission requirements:

• Competency exam in Spanish, math and English
• Transfer from a bilingual institution
• Conduct grade higher than 85

Admission Policy to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) Application requirements for the IBDP at the Colegio Metodista

The applicant should complete each of the following:

1. Be officially enrolled in the 10th grade at the Colegio Metodista
2. Have an excellent disciplinary record as demonstrated through his/her conduct grades and administrative records
3. Fulfill the established requirements as listed in the evaluation guideline of the school
4. Never having repeated the same grade
5. Never having withdrawn from the education system
6. Understand the policies and the student profile of the DP at the Colegio Metodista

Documents needed to enroll in the IB Diploma Program

1. Student’s grades from 7th, 8th, 9th and first trimester of 10th grade
2. Essay on the reason why the student desires to enroll in the DP (to be completed at the Colegio)
3. Participation Certificates from extracurricular groups at the Colegio(MUN, Sports teams, small groups, etc.)
4. Faculty recommendations (The specific format will be determined by the Colegio.)

How to complete the admission process for the IBDP?

The process of admittance will include several phases designed to fully inform potential students and their families about the responsibilities, obligations and benefits of participating in the Diploma Program at the Colegio Metodista. The initial phase will begin in ninth grade with information sessions geared to prepare and guide students and their families in making a final decision regarding their participation in the program. The official admission process will take place once the student is in the tenth grade. In order to ensure fair and objective admittance, the following percentages will be used to determine eligibility for each applicant.

Criteria Percentage
An average of the student’s academic courses 7th – 9th grade and the first trimester of 10th grade 30%
Written essay on student’s purpose for applying to the program 20%
Interview 10%
Participation in extracurricular activities at the Colegio 10%
Faculty recommendations 10%
Leadership team evaluation 20%
Final Grade 100%
The final grade will be used as the basis for assigning space to one of 20 available slots. The highest grade will be used to determine the first available space with the following grades used to complete the remaining slots. For more information, please write to us at

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