Education Goals


Methodist emphasizes tolerance, enjoyment, exploration, reflection, responsibility and analysis to improve student outlooks and abilities. Cutting-edge pedagogy and technology prepare students to function in a culturally and technologically complex world that demands digital, linguistic and cultural competencies.

Methodist’s Elementary Section offers:

• State-of-the-art technologies, like Mimio, in every classroom;
• Online resources in language, computing, mathematics and social studies courses;
• Intensive technology-supported reading comprehension programs in English and Spanish classes;
• Experiential education pilot programs in partnership with Lego and Intel develop engineering aptitude;
• EPI-based development of cognitive skills and emotional intelligence
• Math Olympics from the University of Costa Rica through the national level for grades three through six;
• Immersive English-language competitions, like the British English Olympics;
• Imagination-sparking travel opportunities, like Space Camp;
• Modern language laboratories for English, Mandarin and French
• Computer and science labs;
• Science and humanities fairs;
• and academic and spiritual excursions and camps.

Spiritual and psychological instruction include:

• Instruction in Christian ethics;
• A Spiritual Emphasis Week;
• Social integration camps;
• parent nights;
• Support and tutoring services;
• Performance monitoring;
• and counseling and psychological services.

Extracurricular activities include:

• Robotics,
• Tecreational reading,
• Mandarin,
• Portuguese,
• Technical studies,
• Soccer academy,
• Cheerleading,
• Track and field,
• Basketball,
• Swimming,
• Gymnastics,
• Mini tennis,
• Sports Festival
• Contemporary dance,
• Ballet,
• Folk dance,
• Jazz band,
• Art,
• Drawing and painting, and Tejido

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